Prevention is better than cure. This kit consists of:

1. Amrutavaleha:

Chyavanprash with added benifits of gold (suvarna bhasma) and Ashtavarga. Helps to boost the general immunity of body to fight against the virusues and bacterias.

2. Immunity capsules:

The power of Giloy, Ashwagandha, Bala, Tulsi, haldi etc with natural zinc (Jasad bhasma), make these capsule your daily dose to prevent the infections.

3. Pranamrut Kashay: 

The Ayurvedic kadha to protect your respiratory system and boost the capacity of lungs. It also helps in the management of cough and breathing problems


  • 1. Amrutavaleha 

    1 Tbsf (7 to 8 gm) early morning empty stomach with warm water


    2. Immunity Enhance Capsule:

    1 cap daily after breakfast 


    3. Pranamrut kashay:

    In evening.

    Mix 1 tsf powder + 2 cups water, boil it and make it 1 cup. Filter it and drink lukewarm.